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Born in south central Kentucky in 1921, Mildred Colvin's natural inclination to artistic expression manifested itself at an early age. Grade school sketches and drawings revealed a talent for art that would not be fully realized until years later when she began painting in the mid -1950s. Choosing a wide variety of subjects - landscapes, street scenes, still life, portraits, character studies and occasionally seascapes - Mrs. Colvin used various media, however the vast majority of her work has been in oil and watercolor.  As her career progressed, Mrs. Colvin chose as her subject matter that which she was most familiar with - the scenes and people of her native Kentucky.  Years of study and dedication allowed Mildred to capture on canvas and paper an emotional realism that placed her among the era's most capable Kentucky artists.  

With a career spanning five decades, Mrs. Colvin collected a long list of awards and honors that recognized her achievements.  A charter member of the Kentucky Watercolor Society, Mrs. Colvin became a Signature Member of that organization in 2002 and won the People's Choice Award that year for her painting "Shelling on Sanibel". 

Mrs. Colvin passed  away in October 2005 in her hometown of Greensburg, Kentucky.  

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